We offer George L's cable for wiring your pedalboard. They are so small, good quality, and easy to make that it's a no brainer to go with George L's cables for your board. 

We sell the plugs individually and cable rolls up to 500' in length. Check it out here


George L's Effects Pedal Cable Kit lets you get rid of that motley collection of unmatched, crackly old patch cords strung between your effects pedals. Includes 10' of .155 cable and 10 right-angle solderless plugs. George L's was voted #1 for sound clarity byGuitar Player magazine.

George L's Effects Pedal Cable Kit Features:

  • 10' of .155 cable
  • 10 right-angle plugs
  • Voted #1 for sound clarity by Guitar Player magazine

It's time to redo your questionable old effects patch cords. This kit will let you do it right. Order today.