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Midas 32 Mixer ATA Case

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This is a case for the Presonus StudioLive 32 (32.4.2AI) mixer. We also make the case for the 16 and 24 channel versions, can add doghouse, swivel casters, etc. The back of the mixer has the power and other connections at the bottom so the mixer very minimally recessed to allow those connections to be accessed. Need the mixer? We sell that as well! Contact us for details!

Features of a Brady Cases mixer case include:

  • Extremely durable casing that meets and exceeds ATA 300 standards
  • Quality foam completely surrounds your mixer, keeping it safe in transport
  • Can be made as a lift-off, clam-shell, rack-mounted - completely customizable
  • Latches tight and seals from water or external conditions (can be gasketed)
  • Your investment is solidly protected from the abuse of transport
  • We can house racks, drawers, monitors, etc in any combination in any case
  • We are a custom case manufacturer and can meet any needs you have


  • Birch w/ ABS laminate (black 3/8" is recommended)
  • Hybrid valence tongue & groove
  • Double angle extrusion
  • Steel ball corners
  • High strength blind rivets either extrusion or washer backed
  • 3 recessed handles (1 on the sides, 1 on front - can be 4 upon request)
  • 4 zinc recessed latches typically on the sides or can be front/back upon request
  • 1" ester foam in the top lid (plus foam piece that presses the mixer down from the top so it is snug)
  • 1" rigid plank foam in the base of the case for support
  • Interior foam to foam dimensions are 31.5" w x 21.5" d x 7" h