From browsing through the site, you may have noticed that all our cases are built custom to order. We have cases that we stock and that we build a lot of, but every case is customizable by size, color, hardware type, etc. That is no exception for our amp cases! Between the styles of having them lift-off or live-in, colors and hardware type, and being able to install multiple items (racks, heads, cabs, amps, pedalboards, storage, drawers, etc), you can just about make your dream case come true and at a fraction of the cost from many of our competitors.

Check out our amp cases! 

If you are perusing the site and are wondering which case to purchase and if it will fit your amp, don't hesitate to contact us. We do email and verify all of our dimensions and ask for the customer to hand measure if possible to get an exact fit. We'll make a case for any amp you have. Below are just a few of the amp companies that we've built cases for: