Shipping Conditions

Brady Cases agrees to assess shipping prices at the best estimate it can offer and forsee. Buyer agrees to pay for all shipping costs (unless there is damage or a reason it needs to be sent back). Ground packages are all boxed up with 1" foam corner protectors, good quality cardboard, and typically shrink-wrapped. All our packaging has been tested and approved by FedEx so any claims typically get paid out pretty quick but we'll take care of damages as quickly as possible. 

If your package is shipping freight, please note that any freight costs that are paid on the website assume that it is shipped to a business. If it needs a lift gate, is going to a residence, school or location that'd be deemed "limited access," the freight company many charge a fee for those (usually those fees are $35-80 each so a residential can have a possible $45 fee and then $55 lift gate fee incurred). It depends on each carrier and is usually cheaper if it is specified before shipping. The best way to avoid any extra fees with freight is to have it held at the dock and pick it up there locally. 

All freight shipments are sent on a pallet, typically boxed and shrink-wrapped and then strapped down to the pallet. If it does not arrive that way, note that packaging was removed on delivery on the bill of lading (BOL)

If you receive freight, make sure you completely unwrap the packaging, inspect every case, even the interior for damage before releasing the driver. If there are any damages, scrapes, punctures, etc - it is recommended to take photos but even if the damage is small, make sure you note it on the BOL the driver has you sign or any claim will likely be denied immediately or very hard to win. Contact us if there is any damage. 

There are sometimes additional fees. If you are shipping cases where it needs to go freight, the best way to save money is to either have it shipped to a business (there's usually a hefty residential fee), have a dock or forklift (most carriers charge for a lift-gate) or you can have us send it to "hold at the dock" where you can pick it up from the terminal. That typically saves the most money and insures there aren't passed on charges from freight carriers. 

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