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Pedal Board Photos

Posted April 22, 2014 by Brady Bruton — 0 comments

We've built a lot of boards. Some very simple and some extremely complex. Below is a mixture of all those. Some of these are older photos of when we started out of a garage ranging up to today. Many of these are photos taken by the musicians themselves and posted online on social media. Enjoy!

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Cases for Tradeshow Exhibits

Posted December 10, 2013 by Brady Bruton — 0 comments

We build a lot of cases for music equipment companies, musicians and industries. Below are a few photos of some common cases we build. If you have questions feel free to contact us! We have full 3D CAD design so you can see it before we build it. We can do full logo stenciling, colors, and just about anything you need to show off or transport your equipment safely and efficiently.  

Guitars, amps, basses, keyboards, etc. These types of cases are primarily what we do. Housing amps, instruments, multi-guitar storage, etc. 

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Cases for Sports

Posted December 05, 2013 by Brady Bruton — 1 comments

We build a lot of cases for schools, sports medicine and transport. Below are a few photos of some common cases we've built. If you have questions feel free to contact us! We have full 3D CAD design so you can see it before we build it. Many popular options are upgrading the color to your teams color, stenciling the logo on the exterior of the cases, oversized turf tires for easy handling, and locking latches to secure the equipment.

Trainer/workstation cases

We've built large and small and all in between. We can build these and customize them to more

4th of July sale!

Posted July 04, 2013 by Brady Bruton — 0 comments

Happy 4th of July! We are offering a sale this weekend!


Take 10% off any order over $100 using the code: freedom1 

Take 12% off any order over $500 using the code: freedom2

Take 15% off any order over $1000 using the code: freedom3


This sale good until midnight on Sunday evening (7/4-7/7). This cannot be used on previous orders. Contact for any questions!


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Cases For Churches

Posted May 29, 2013 by Brady Bruton — 0 comments

We work with a lot of churches and organizations for casing and transport needs. Below are a few photos of some common cases we've built. If you have questions feel free to contact us! We have full 3D CAD design so you can see it before we build it. 


Mixer & rack cases. We build a ton of these. Great for mobile churches or systems that you need to move the mixer in and out - or just to have everything set permanently in a lockable, secure setting. We do doghouses, power inlets, audio connections, etc. We make more

Pedal Board Giveaway!

Posted January 31, 2012 by Brady Bruton — 34 comments

Yes, we are giving away another 32x18 pedal board! All you need to do is enter your info below and "like" us on facebook and you'll be entered into the drawing. On February 15th, we will randomly pick a submission and notify by email that you have won.

We will send a 32x18 standard pedal board shipped to you free of charge. If you'd like to add upgrades or change the size, just contact us and we more

Birch or Polypropylene?

Posted November 23, 2011 by Bold Apps — 2 comments

"What is the difference between birch and polypropylene?" 

We get asked this a lot so we put together some specifications, applications and pro's/con's for each. Polypropylene is a lightweight option has a fluted core laminated to an ABS top skin. ABS is the sheet that is laminated to our birch wood. We also carry different types of wood upon request. We can also do different skins such as fiberglass, hexagrip, etc. 

Polypropylene's greatest feature is the weight. We typically recommend it for applications where the case needs to be as light as possible, especially when flying or just trying more

Custom Pedal Boards

Posted January 31, 2011 by Brady Bruton — 2 comments

Brady Cases Pedal Boards

One of our favorite things to build are our pedal boards. They are all built custom to order and we haven't found a company that has as much customization for the actual board, wiring/routing, or design concepts that we've been able to build through the years. We can build the simple & tough to the elaborate, high-end pedalboards that are both a sight to look at, as well as a tool to make your music-making a fast, sonically-pleasing and enjoyable process. 

Can You Build This...?

Yes! We've been asked this question dozens and dozens more

George L's

Posted November 19, 2010 by Brady Bruton — 0 comments

We offer George L's cable for wiring your pedalboard. They are so small, good quality, and easy to make that it's a no brainer to go with George L's cables for your board. 

We sell the plugs individually and cable rolls up to 500' in length. Check it out here


George L's Effects Pedal Cable Kit lets you get rid of that motley collection of unmatched, crackly old patch cords strung between your effects pedals. Includes 10' of .155 cable and 10 right-angle solderless plugs. George L's was voted #1 for sound clarity byGuitar Player magazine.

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Posted November 12, 2010 by Brady Bruton — 2 comments

We've been able to do what no other pedalboard company can offer. We'll build boards just how you'd like them, as custom as you want them, and, if we don't say so ourselves, make them look phenomenal. Below is the owner, Brady's, personal pedalboard and the specs on it. We pretty much went all out on this board but we will do another video from time to time as we add things to it and come up with new ideas. more

Amp Cases

Posted November 10, 2010 by Brady Bruton — 2 comments

From browsing through the site, you may have noticed that all our cases are built custom to order. We have cases that we stock and that we build a lot of, but every case is customizable by size, color, hardware type, etc. That is no exception for our amp cases! Between the styles of having them lift-off or live-in, colors and hardware type, and being able to install multiple items (racks, heads, cabs, amps, pedalboards, storage, drawers, etc), you can just about make your dream case come true and at a fraction of the cost from many of our more

New Site Launch! $25 OFF!!!

Posted October 17, 2010 by Brady Bruton — 3 comments

Welcome to the site! We have launched it and are excited about the new features. It still doesn't have half the products that it will eventually have, but everything will quickly be sorted out. In the meantime, feel free to contact us about anything, look through our gallery for ideas, and enjoy! We will soon be adding live-chat, many more photos and products, and new features so keep checking back. 

We took the ideas from our old site that we loved (lots and lots of photos), added the ability to purchase, customize and get pricing on the spot, and more