Cases for Tradeshow Exhibits

Posted on 10 December 2013

We build a lot of cases for music equipment companies, musicians and industries. Below are a few photos of some common cases we build. If you have questions feel free to contact us! We have full 3D CAD design so you can see it before we build it. We can do full logo stenciling, colors, and just about anything you need to show off or transport your equipment safely and efficiently.  

Guitars, amps, basses, keyboards, etc. These types of cases are primarily what we do. Housing amps, instruments, multi-guitar storage, etc. 

Storage/Trunk cases

Commonly, there's just a lot of stuff to be transported. We can build trunk cases of any size to toss stuff in or compartmentalized or drawer cases. 

Tech/display cases

Guitar workstations, laptops, video equipment, motorized lift screen cases - we build it all. 

Merch/display cases

These are great to sell shirts, caps, and merchandise out of. Roll up, open the case and you are ready to go. We often do cash-box drawers that are lockable, lighting, and have different security and display options. 

Mixer & rack cases. We build a ton of these. Great for musicians and production companies that need to move the mixer in and out - or just to have everything set permanently in a lockable, secure setting. We do doghouses, power inlets, audio connections, etc. We make shock-mounted and standard rack cases as well.


Guitar and Recording Workstations.




 And sometimes you need refreshments at your booth!


Let us know if we can design anything for you and your organization!



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