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  • 42x18 Pedal Board - Brady Cases - 1
  • 42x18 Pedal Board - Brady Cases - 2
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42x18 Pedal Board

42x18 Pedal Board

We have paused production for a season and aren't currently taking on orders. Feel free to fill out the form (or contact us here) if you're interested in being placed in a waiting list when production resumes, or if you'd like recommendations or support. Thanks!


To view a gallery of pedal boards we've done in the past, check out this link here.

Features of a Brady Cases Pedalboard include:

  • It lifts up in the back, allowing for easier access to your pedals
  • Pedals in back are able to be more easily reached with the angle
  • Power supplies, surge protectors, etc can be stored underneath the back
  • Interior board is flush with the casing - pedals are easily accessed
  • Quality latches on front and back latch solidly
  • Standard laminate top and optional velcro top (see upgrades) to affix your pedals easily
  • Quality angled ester foam lines the entire interior lid absorbs shock
  • Your pedal investment is solidly protected from the abuse of transport
  • There are so many options!
  • 42" W x 18 inchD x 4.5" H (interior usable space) - can be custom-sized
  • 46.5" W x 23" D x 8 inchH (exterior edge to edge - including corners)
  • Approximately 40 lbs in 1/4 inch Birch, 35 lbs in 1/4 inch poly
  • Approximately 48 lbs in 3/8 inch birch, 35 lbs in 3/8 inch poly
  • 1/4 inch plywood w/ black laminate
  • Hybrid valence tongue & groove
  • Double angle extrusion
  • Small ball corners
  • High strength blind rivets either extrusion or washer backed
  • 1 recessed handle on front, 2 surface handles on sides
  • 4 recessed latches (2 in front - 2 in back)
  • 1" high-density foam inside casing
Options (contact for exact pricing):
Plexiglass top - $100

The Possibilities Are Endless!

All our pedal boards are built custom to order so you can choose from our standard sizes or build your own. Before building these ourselves, we just found we were tired of all these mass produced boards that always seemed way too small for our needs, had features that we didn't need, and they were just cheap (as far as quality but not as much on price). What you get on this pedal board is a mixture of ruggedness, customization, and looks. It is a full ATA approved case that will last the lifetime of the pedal board, which very few companies offer a real case to go with their boards and if they do, I wouldn't trust airline companies for one trip. The possibilities are endless - we handwire our true bypass strips in shop, can add any connectors (power, audio, data, dmx, etc), offer full 3D CAD design, can install your equipment and offer mounting solutions, tiers, case customizations and colors - at the fraction of the price of some of our competitors. Choose from one of the standard size on the site or feel free to give us a call or email and we'll start the design process!

How The Boards Work

The pedal boards are designed around the case. Since you're likely housing $1000+ of pedals in one place, it makes sense to protect them. That's why we use all ATA approved designs and the best latches, handles, corners and other hardware to make sure your gear stays protected. The exterior case is standard 1/4 inch ABS laminated birch and the polypropylene usually shaves off 5-10 pounds depending on the size of the board (great for flying!) and is comparable in durability

The interior board is angled and is about 2" from the ground at the front and around 5.5" in the back so it low to the ground. There is about 4 inch of room underneath in the back for you to house your power supplies and surge protectors. The sides and back are closed up so we recommend power inlets to power your power supplies. To access your equipment underneath, just drill holes where you need them (it is 3/8 inch high quality birch so it doesn't affect the integrity of the interior board). Some people prefer to drill holes where every pedal goes for the power which gives a very clean appearance and some prefer to drill larger holes and have everything run through smaller holes. Don't feel handy or comfortable doing it yourself? - we can drill holes where you specify and can route slots in the interior board as well

There is 1" foam in the lid that is angled towards the front of the case so that your pedals stay well-protected. There is standard 3.5" from the board to the foam at the front and 2-2.5" at the back. The pedals will sink into the foam and it actually helps keep your knobs from turning while in transit. If you need more clearance, just let us know when you order. There is foam around the perimeter of the interior board so that is also shock-mounted as well. They come standard with a laminate top and a velcro top (loop side) surface is only $15 so it will accept the hook side velcro affixed to the bottom of your pedals. We want your pedals to move around as little as possible inside the case. Have further questions? View our pedal board FAQ!

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