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A&H GLD 80 Case Allen & Heath

A&H GLD 80 Case Allen & Heath
  • A&H GLD 80 Case Allen & Heath
  • A&H GLD 80 Case Allen & Heath
  • A&H GLD 80 Case Allen & Heath

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This is a case for the Allen & Heath GLD80 mixer. We can add a doghouse, swivel casters, corner casters, etc. The mixer recesses into the case about 1/2" so it will stay in place but allow connections to all be accessible. Contact us for details!

Features of a Brady Cases mixer case include:

  • Extremely durable casing that meets and exceeds ATA 300 standards
  • Quality foam completely surrounds your mixer, keeping it safe in transport
  • Can be made as a lift-off, clam-shell, rack-mounted - completely customizable
  • Latches tight and seals from water or external conditions (can be gasketed)
  • Your investment is solidly protected from the abuse of transport
  • We can house racks, drawers, monitors, etc in any combination in any case
  • We are a custom case manufacturer and can meet any needs you have


  • Birch w/ ABS laminate (black 3/8" is recommended)
  • Hybrid valence tongue & groove
  • Double angle extrusion
  • Steel ball corners
  • High strength blind rivets either extrusion or washer backed
  • 3 recessed handles (1 on the sides, 1 on front - can be 4 upon request)
  • Recessed latches on front and back
  • 1" ester foam in the top lid (plus foam piece that presses the mixer down from the top so it is snug)
  • 1" rigid plank foam in the base of the case for support