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Dual Quad Case

Dual Quad Case
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This a case for two standard quads/quints. They can be built to your specific sizes but they come standard with the below interior dimensions (measured foam to foam). Choose your school/organization color. We also recommend making them stackable for easy trailer loading. 


  • Birch w/ ABS laminate
  • 4" heavy-duty casters w/ 2 locking mounted to a 3/4" casterboard
  • Hybrid valence tongue & groove
  • Double angle extrusion
  • Large steel ball corners
  • High strength blind rivets either extrusion or washer backed
  • 8 recessed handles total (2 per side)
  • 2 zinc recessed large latches on front 
  • 90 degree stop hinges on back with piano hinge spanning between
  • 1" foam interior around the drums (1" plank in base, 1" ester around sides and top)