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iPhone Case

iPhone Case

We have paused production for a season and aren't currently taking on orders. Feel free to fill out the form (or contact us here) if you're interested in being placed in a waiting list when production resumes, or if you'd like recommendations or support. Thanks!


"Is this a joke?" - you may ask. Well, yes. Kind of. We made one just because we could - then someone posted an article on The Unofficial Apple Weblog about it & it earned some fame and we actually exported quite a few of these overseas. If you're up for some fun reading, here is the TUAW article here, even more humorously the article titled, "Case that carries the iPhone as a rock star" here. One was recently used in a wedding to hold the bride's ring - we'll certainly have footage of that soon. You can even buy them here for around $180 if you want, but it's slightly cheaper with us. I've found articles about this case in about a dozen different languages now.

These do have some practical uses - say you are being attacked (makes a nice bludgeon), are afraid of nuclear explosion and that's not covered under the insurance policy, or you are planning on skydiving and if you drop it it's no big deal. Just use your "find my iPhone" app to recover it. We can make these for real (hence the product available for purchase), we can make them for hard-drives, computers, iPads, and a combination of all of them (search for our computer cases)

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