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Locking Neutrik Jack

Locking Neutrik Jack
  • Locking Neutrik Jack
  • Locking Neutrik Jack

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This is a locking neutrik jack - most common in pedal boards, production cases, etc. They typically are purchased in pairs. For example, on most pedal boards you'll want 4 total - 1 that you plug your guitar into that is hardwired to another jack that you plug into the input of your first pedal. A 3rd jack plugs into the output of your last pedal which is hardwired to the last jack that your amp plugs into (guitar --> effect in /// effect out --> amp). We can make them where there is just two jacks and there is a cable with a plug soldered to the back that you actually plug into the pedals but this is more expensive and not as long lasting as using two jacks.


New! We now offer a dual locking jack that can be installed that you plug your cable into on one side and there is a female connector on the back side. There is no soldering, crimping or any connection needed.


There is an option for a Neutrik jack wired to a jack underneath the board instead of another jack on top or side of the board (photo below). This would be a patchbay that all the jacks underneath go to, it is hand-wired, taped, shielded and tested.


If you have any questions at all - feel free to contact us directly!